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Crystal DualShock 4 controllers now available on Amazon in North America

The Crystal DualShock 4 controllers are now available on Amazon. These transparent color variants of the official PlayStation 4 pad were previously exclusive to different retailers. The Crystal gamepad were previously only available at GameStop (EB Games in Canada) while the Blue Crystal version was exclusive to Walmart. Initially, the Red Crystal could only be found at Best Buy. Now all three Crystal DualShock 4s are available on Amazon. If you are interested, you can purchase the gamepads with the following links:

The new colors are based on the translucent design of the original DualShock of the PSOne, where you can see the circuitry via the see-through casing. You can check out images of all three colors below.

For the uninformed, the DualShock 4 launched alongside the PlayStation 4. Its most notable additions were the light bar and touch pad. Sony eventually updated the gamepad, which added a thin light ball on the touch pad in addition to enable direct inputs over a wired USB connection.

So, if you are looking for another controller for your PS4, then you might want to check out the aforementioned Crystal, Blue Crystal and Red Crystal DualShock 4 pads on Amazon.