Cover and other details revealed for Fairy Tail: Collection Eight Blu-ray and DVD Combo

Amazon has put up the product page for Fairy Tail: Collection Eight Blu-ray and DVD Combo, revealing the North American cover in addition to several other details. If you are interested, you can preorder the eighth volume of the series with this link from the shopping website. You can also check out the cover for Collection Eight with the image located just below this paragraph.

Furthermore, you can take a look at the product description, as well as a list of special features, for the Fairy Tail: Collection Eight Blu-ray and DVD Combo below (via the aforementioned Amazon listing):

The most epic magic tournament in history continues as the members of Fairy Tail attempt to snatch victory from the strongest guilds in the Grand Magic Games. With the magical world completely focused on the competing guilds, a looming threat gains power and a conspiracy is revealed! Lucy and Yukino are accused and imprisoned for their involvement and it’s up to Natsu to free them.

Collection Eight contains episodes 165-187.

  • Guild Pride: Sabertooth
  • Episode 167 Video Commentary
  • Episode 169 Commentary
  • Episode 172 Commentary
  • Episode 177 Commentary
  • Episode 184 Commentary
  • Textless Opening and Closing Songs
  • U.S. Trailer
  • Trailers

Fairy Tail: Collection Eight will be released on the 6th of June in the North American region.