Box art revealed for physical PS4 version of Ghost Giant

Amazon has put up a listing for the physical version of Ghost Giant, revealing the box art. If you are interested, you can pre-order the PlayStation VR game with this link from the online retailer. You can find the box art with the image located just below this paragraph.

The physical version of Ghost Giant is coming out on May 7, 2019, in the U.S. region. You can check out the product description, as well as a list of features, from Amazon below:

In Ghost Giant, you are the protector of the lonely little boy, Louis Invisible to everyone but him, you explore his world and use your size to help him and the citizens of Sancourt solve puzzles and various challenges that Louis faces in his life Ghost Giant’s dollhouse design means that you can open individual houses and see the occupants going about their daily lives. They can be spun around or even lifted up with various switches, creating an elaborate and interactive environment to play in

  • Louis is incredibly lonely. That is until he meets you –the Ghost Giant.
  • At one point Louis gets cornered by some bullies so it’s up to you to scare them off by finding a suitable item. And it’s in this way that the bond between giant and Louis begins to form
  • Peek into the windows, open doors and find hidden secrets all around town. Sancourt is full of discoveries for you to make, and people for you to meet
  • A lush, vibrant town that you just want to peer into and explore.
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