Blood, use of tobacco and violence detailed for XCOM 2

XCOM2_Soldier-SniperThe ESRB has revealed its rating summary for XCOM 2, which ended up with a Teen rating due to content relating to blood, use of tobacco and violence.

The strategy game features scenes where characters die from getting shot and by explosions. There are also red and yellow blood effects. Last but not least, players will be able to customize characters with items such as cigarettes and cigars. Find the complete rating summary of the latest XCOM installment below:

This is a strategy game in which players attempt to save Earth from an alien invasion. From a ¾-top-down perspective, players manage resources, engage in combat missions, rescue characters, and terrorize alien installations. Players use rifles, machine guns, pistols, and grenades to kill enemies (e.g., human-, insect-, beast-like characters) in turn-based combat. Attack moves occur in brief cutscenes that depict characters getting shot or wounded/killed by explosions. Splashes and pools of yellow and red blood sometimes appear when characters are injured or killed. During the course of the game, players can customize soldiers with accessories, including lit cigarettes and cigars.

XCOM 2 has a release date set for February 5, 2016. If you haven’t so already, you can preorder the strategy game with this link on Amazon.

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