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Amazon opens preorders for Toukiden 2 on PS4 and Vita

Amazon has opened preorders for the physical release of Toukiden 2. If you are interested, you can reserve the action role-playing game, which is being published by Tecmo Koei, with the following links: PlayStation 4 version and PlayStation Vita version.

The sequel introduces an open-world map where you can explore various villages and other areas with no limitations. In addition to the new structure, the game also adds new weapon types (bringing the total to 11 types), characters, enemies and more. In total, you can now create over 1,500 different weapon variations via embedding various abilities and attributes. You can check out the full list of features below:

  • Huge Open World Map-from the start, freely explore a world full of Oni and villages and uncover numerous quests.
  • Robust Character Creation feature allows the player to customize his or her hero.
  • Expansive New Storyline-advance the story thru exploration and discovery.
  • New Characters, New Oni, and New Mitama!
  • 2 New Weapon Types added to your Slayer’s arsenal bringing the total to 11; imbue with different attributes and abilities to create over 1500 variations!

Toukiden 2 came out in Japan on July 28, 2016, for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3. In north America, the game will launch on March 21, 2017, for the PS4, Vita and PC platforms.