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Amazon opens preorders for Splatoon Series Octoling Amiibo 3-pack

Amazon has opened preorders for the Splatoon Series Octoling Amiibo 3-pack. If you are interested, you can preorder the interactive figurine bundle with this link from the shopping website.

The Splatoon Series Octoling Amiibo 3-pack comes with Octoling Girl, Octoling Boy and Octoling Octopus. The figures are based on the Octo Expansion DLC for the Nintendo Switch exclusive game, Splatoon 2. You can check out Amazon’s product description, as well as a list of features, for the Amiibo 3-pack below:

The protagonist of the Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion DLC is a young Octarian Octoling, known as Agent 8. Octolings seem to have a more serious Nature than the carefree inklings we’re accustomed to. They’re naturally good with their hands and adept at using tools and machinery, making them quite formidable in battle.

  • Like Inklings, they have the ability to transform, but into octopi rather than squids
  • Octoling Girl, Octoling Boy, and Octoling Octopus amiibo figures are available exclusively in the Splatoon Series 3-pack Set
  • Games, systems, and amiibo sold separately. Visit Nintendo.Com/amiibo for details on amiibo functionality

So, if you are a fan of the popular Nintendo videogame series, then you might want to check out the upcoming Splatoon Series Octoling Amiibo 3-pack.