Amazon opens preorders for third-party EMiO PS4 Elite Controller; reveals updated release date

emio-ps4-elite-controllerAmazon has opened preorders for the EMiO PS4 Elite Controller, revealing an updated release date as well as some additional details. If you are interested, you can reserve the third-party game pad with this link from the shopping website. You can also find a list of features of the Elite Controller below:

  • Customizable D-Pad, Joysticks, Rear Paddles, Joystick grips Trigger locks to pull halfway or full range rapid fire.
  • Interchangeable thumb sticks and grips 2 pairs of colored joystick grips included PS4 Elite Controller are compatible with Xbox Elite Controller accessories For use with all PS4 systems
  • Interchangeable Rear Control Paddles Interchangeable D-Pad and Directional Disc Silicon back grip material
  • Rechargeable charging with micro USB cable (included) Included USB dongle connects to your PS4 console and pairs controller automatically
  • Customizable trigger locks for LT and RT buttons. When locked, button only pushes halfway for faster shooting, saving valuable time with each trigger pull. Easily switch back to full trigger motion.

According to the listing, the EMiO PS4 Elite Controller is expected to come out on the 10th of November, the same day as the launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro, a supercharged version of the PS4 that is capable of 4K resolutions and HDR colors.