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Amazon Opens Pre-Orders For Mobile Suit Gundam Vinyl Soundtracks

Amazon has opened pre-orders for the Mobile Suit Gundam Vinyl Soundtracks. If you are interested, you can reserve the products with the following links from the online retailer:

You can also check out the pack shots and track listings for the vinyl sets below:

1. A1 Shobe! Gundam / Akira Ikeda
2. A2 Sadness and Definitely
3. A3 Long Sleep
4. A4 Mercy
5. A5 Relief
6. A6 Stand on the Gundam Earth
7. A7 a Refreshing Char
8. A8 Brave Gundam
9. A9 Emptiness
10. A10 Zeon Threat
11. B1 Fear of Fighting
12. B2 Space Colony
13. B3 Suspense
14. B4 Zeon Plot
15. B5 Anxiety
16. B6 Spy Enemy Ground
17. B7 Gundam Stands in a Remote Area
18. B8 Bitter Victory
19. B9 Prayer for Peace
20. B10 Amuro’s Journey
21. B11 Forever Amuro / Akira Ikeda

1. A1 Char Comes
2. A2 Twinkle Laraa
3. A3 Good Night Now
4. A4 Encounter in the Solitary Sky
5. A5 Welcome Warriors
6. A6 Let the Silver Wings Sparkle
7. B1 to the Fleet Space
8. B2 Fetal Movement of Dione
9. B3 the Battlefield Is Like a Breeze
10. B4 Thora Ray
11. B5 Kaigou New Type
12. B6 the End for Reproduction
13. B7 the Universe

1. A1 Cosmic Century 0079
2. A2 People of War
3. A3 Overcoming Sorrow
4. A4 Sneak Into
5. A5 Fateful Encounter
6. A6 Red Comet
7. A7 Urgent
8. A8 White Base
9. A9 Darkness Upset
10. B1 Luna Two
11. B2 Incandescence
12. B3 Hot
13. B4 Why?
14. B5 Courage to Fight
15. B6 Crush
16. B7 Boy
17. B8 Star Children

1. A1 Sorrow Warrior
2. A2 Alone in the Wind
3. A3 Gundam
4. A4 Airspace War
5. A5 Premonition
6. A6 Red Flasher
7. A7 Intention
8. B1 Power to Me
9. B2 Hearts
10. B3 to Jaburo
11. B4 Don’t Shake
12. B5 Brilliant
13. B6 Condolences on the Battlefield
14. B7 Asking for Peace

1. A1 to the White Base Month
2. A2 Memories Are Hard
3. A3 White Guy
4. A4 Reunion, Father
5. A5 Approaching Zeon
6. A6 Brother and Sister on the Battlefield
7. A7 Huge Battlefield
8. A8 Ring
9. A9 Big Zam’s Man
10. B1 Heavy Time
11. B2 Lalah
12. B3 Sortie
13. B4 Beginning
14. B5 Light of Hatred
15. B6 Two of Fate
16. B7 Friends
17. B8 Tour

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