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2K talks bans, removing gamer tags, outdated championship belt and WCW arenas in WWE 2K15


In a Q&A on Twitter, 2K addressed more issues surrounding WWE 2K15. First off, the company revealed that an “aggressive” program has been put in place to monitor and take action against any unruly gamers after a fan complained about an abundance of cheaters using hacked move sets in last year’s game. In fact, more players were banned in WWE 2K14 than ever before:

Another gamer went on to ask if the gamer tags that appear on top of the divas and wrestlers could be removed. Unfortunately, the developer won’t be able to do so as the visual indicators are part of the requirements from Sony and Microsoft:

2K also addressed the lack of the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt. The new title design was introduced in late August, which was past the deadline for the team to make any changes to the videogame. Therefore, they had to use the outdated version under the old logo:

Last but not least, the company also confirmed that there aren’t any WCW arenas in this year’s release:

WWE 2K15 launches on the 18th of November on the two current-gen consoles, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 releases are already available. Purchase the wrestling game right now with this page on Amazon.