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Box art and preorder bonus revealed for Prison Architect on PS4 and Xbox One

Amazon has put up listings for the console releases of Prison Architect, revealing the box art as well as preorder bonus details. If you are interested, the simulation game can be preordered with the following links from the shopping website: PS4 and Xbox One. You can find the box arts for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions with our media gallery located below this paragraph.

Customers preordering the game will receive the all day and a night DLC pack, which comes with 8 wardens, 8 pre-made prison and 8 plots. Check out the full list of features for the console ports below:

  • Play through 5 engrossing chapters of Prison Architect’s campaign, Prison Tales!
  • Build and manage your own unique prisons, with thousands of tools and tweakable options, that grants you an unprecedented level of customizability!
  • Share your prisons with the online community via World of Wardens! Explore other player’s prisons, and take on the challenge of managing their creations!
  • Winner of the 2016 BAFTA Persistent Game Award
  • Pre-Order to get the all day and a night DLC including 8 new wardens, 8 new pre-made prisons and 8 new plots.

Prison Architect will be released later this year for the PS4 and Xbox One in the North American region