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Why you should play Bloodborne even if you did not enjoy Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls

While critically-acclaimed, not everyone enjoyed their experiences with Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and/or Dark Souls 2. The same company, Form Software, that developed the three aforementioned games will be releasing another new title in the near future called Bloodborne. So should you play the new intellectual property even if you did not enjoy your time with the Souls games? We certainly think so. You can find our list of reasons why below.

New Setting

While there are some interesting character and environmental designs, Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 all feature a dark fantasy setting, which is quite common (especially in the role-playing genre). Aesthetically speaking, the Souls games can look somewhat generic and unappealing at times.

With the new IP, Form Software opted to drop the dark fantasy setting in favor of a horror-themed Victorian one (which hasn’t be used nearly as often). As a result, Bloodborne certainly looks a lot more unique when compared to its spiritual processors. Some of the designs shows so far, especially for the enemies, is really far out there. So, if you felt that the art styles of the Souls games are on the generic side, Bloodborne should be right up your alley.Bloodborne_Chalice-Dungeon-7

Improved Graphics

Bloodborne is also more visually impressive on the technical side when compared to Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. The console versions of the previous games were limited by PS3 and Xbox 360 last-gen consoles, resulting is some annoying slowdown and ugly textures.

Thanks to the more powerful specs, the new IP looks quite spectacular with highly-detailed character models and environments. The frame rate, while limited to 30 per second, is also a lot smoother based on feedbacks from gamers who managed to acquired an early copy of the videogame. It will truly end up being one of the games that you will want to show off to your friends if they want to see what the system is capable of.Bloodborne_Chalice-Dungeon-2

Faster Combat

The Souls games require a lot of patience when it comes to combat as you will need to attack, block and dodge at the right time in order to be successful and avoid dying. The slower combat may not be for everyone, especially when you consider that you have to fight the same enemies again if you happen to die from the encounter.

With Bloodborne, From Software sped up the combat animations while making the enemies more hostile by chasing after you at longer distances. The developer is also rewarding more aggressive players be restoring some of the health lost during battle if they quickly counterattack after getting hit. Shields are also rare have been significantly weakened as well. All of these changes are made so that the game feel more offensively minded when compared to the Souls games.

Those who disliked the slower paced battles previously should find the faster combat more appealing.bloodborne

Cooperative Matchmaking

Even with the above changes, Bloodborne is still considered to be a very difficult game where you will die often. Fortunately, you will be able to summon up to two other players. This time, however, you can actually play with your friends instead of strangers with the use of passwords. If you previously thought that Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and/or Dark Souls 2 were too difficult to enjoy, then you should give Bloodborne a chance and play cooperatively with your friends.

Doing so will make the difficulty a little easier while teaming up with your friends will make the experience a lot more fun as your group can overcome the challenges together.bloodborne-messengers


Bloodborne seems to have fixed most of the issues that detractors have with Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. Not only does the upcoming game has better graphics and a more refreshing setting, it also utilizes a faster combat system along with adding the ability to play cooperatively with your friends.

Bloodborne is coming out in the United States on the 24th of March. So, if you haven’t done so already, preorder the PS4 exclusive RPG with this page on Amazon. You will most likely not end up being disappointed if you jump into it with an open mind.