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The best Amiibo case for carrying and storing your figures

Amiibo is quickly becoming a hot brand, especially for Nintendo fans. These figurines are similar to Disney Infinity and Skylanders in that you can scan them into videogames to unlock characters and other bonuses. In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, for instance, you can train a computer AI fighter and them save the data to his or her specific Amiibo. You can then bring that figure to a friend’s house to use the same computer-controlled fighter.

Of course, there is a possibility that your figures could be damaged during transportation. This may be especially true for those that have little support to hold them up from the base. To take advantage of the popularity of Amiibos, several third-party companies have released cases for carrying and storing the figurines. Check out our guide to see which one of these are worth buying.

Best Amiibo Case – Hori Amiibo Trio Case

We found that the best case for storing and transporting the figures is the Hori Amiibo Trio Case. The product comes with soft padding on the inside in addition to compartments to prevent the figures from bumping into each other when moving around. The case comes with a handle and zipper enclosure as well.

We also liked the simple artwork designs, which looks a bit more classy than the competition, especially if you are treating Amiibos as more than just simple toys. The only con is that you can only carry up to three figures at a time.

You can buy the Hori Amiibo Trio Case with this page on Amazon.

Alternative – BD&A Amiibo Question Block Case and Amiibo 1UP Mushroom Case

BD&A also has a pair of cases designed for Nintendo’s interactive miniature statues. Amiibo Question Block Case is based on the classic special blocks that Mario can break in the Super Mario Bros. games. The Amiibo 1UP Mushroom Case is also based on the platforming series as you can earn an extra life when acquiring these special mushrooms. These two come with a carrying handle and zipper enclosure as well.

While both cases may be aesthetically pleasing to look at for some, they are not really fit for carrying the figures. The two products can hold more than the Hori Amiibo Trio Case but they do not have separate compartments. As a result, your figures will bump into each other during transportation. So, unless you can be extra careful, it may be best to get Hori’s product instead.

You can purchase the two BD&A via the next links: BD&A Amiibo Question Block Case and Amiibo 1UP Mushroom Case.

Alternative – PDP Nintendo Amiibo Carry Cube

The last alternative is the PDP Nintendo Amiibo Carry Cube. Like the above-mentioned products, this one also comes with a handle for carrying in addition to a zipper for easy access. With that said, we do not find that the generic artwork plastered over the cube to be all that appealing especially when compared to the cases from Hori and BD&A. There are also no compartments to prevent any of your figures from bumping into each other.

The only positives are that the PDP version can hold more Amiibos when compared to the Trio Case and that the translucent case will let you see what’s inside the cube without having to open it. Otherwise, if you have the choice, you should opt to by the other two brands instead.

Order the PDP Nintendo Amiibo Carry Cube here.If you want to take good care of your Amiibos during transportation, we suggest getting the Hori Amiibo Trio Case. Even though you can carry three at a time, you can always buy more cases.