Is the Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Edition worth buying?

Nintendo recently announced a new Switch bundle. This time, the system will come packed in with much anticipated Super Mario Odyssey as well as several other extras. So is the Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Edition worth purchasing? If you are having a hard time deciding, then you should check out buying guide below.


You can check out the current price tag for Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Edition with this link on Amazon.

Super Mario Odyssey

First, let’s talk a little bit about Super Mario Odyssey. What makes fans so exceeded about the latest platforming game from the legendary series is that it marks a return to the sandbox levels that many loved from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. Players will be able to freely explore these massive kingdoms, with the return of triple jumps and more, in order to collect moons and coins.

A new added element in Odyssey is being able to throw Mario’s new hat. When it hit select enemies or objects, Mario will be able to posses the target, opening up new abilities.

Super Mario Odyssey is coming out on the 27th of October in the North American region in both digital and physical formats. The aforementioned Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Edition comes with the full game download of the platforming title. So, if you want the physical game card, you will have to purchase it separately.

Nintendo Switch

Of course, the bundle also comes with the Nintendo Switch. The hybrid system lets you play games on the go via its main portable unit. It will also let you play the same titles, usually with enhanced graphics, on the big screen via the included dock unit, which comes with a HDMI port.

The Switch comes with 32 GB of internal storage, a big chunk of which will be taken up by the operating system. Not to mention that Super Mario Odyssey is also going to take up a lot of free space as well. Fortunately, players will be able to add more as the system supports Micro SD cards to extend storage.

Red Joy-Cons

The Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Edition bundle also comes with Red Joy-Cons. This is the only way to get the standard red controllers on both the left and right controllers (although there are neon red Joy-Cons available).

The Joy-Cons are unique in that they can be detached and attached to the portable unit. This allows for multiple play styles, including motion controls, for Mario Odyssey as well as other Switch games.

Carrying Case

Last but not least, the Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Edition also comes with a carrying case. This will protect the portable unit of the system during transportation. So it is quite an important accessory if you plan on constantly bringing the Nintendo Switch with you on the go.

The case itself is also red with logos of the Super Mario Odyssey hat, Nintendo and Switch. The background also looks to be made of the map of the world in the platforming game. This case is currently only available in the bundle.


The Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Edition comes with the as-of-now exclusive Red-Joys and Super Mario Odyssey themed carrying case. As long as you don’t mind getting a digital copy of the included game instead of the physical one, then the bundle is absolutely worth buying as it should be around the same price as buying all of the individual components in the set separately.

The Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Edition will be released on the 27 of October in the North American region, the same day as the videogame. So, if you are planning to purchase the Switch with the latest Super Mario installment, then you should definitely check out the bundle. Once again, if you are interested, you can preorder the set via this link.