Is the Horipad Xbox One Controller worth buying?

Hori released an alternative to the official Xbox One Wireless controller in late 2014. The Horipad Xbox One Controller has many of the same features as the first-party gamepad although there are also a few differences (both good and bad). So is Hori’s worth buying for Xbox One gamers or are you better off purchasing another official Xbox One Wireless controller? Below are some factors that you should take into consideration before making your decision.

Officially Licensed

The Horipad Xbox One Controller is officially licensed by Microsoft, meaning that the product has been tested to work for the system. Not to mention that you do not have to worry about breaking any warranties in case you have to send in your system for repairs.

Same Features as Xbox One Wireless Features

The Horipad has many of the same features as the official Xbox One wireless controller. All buttons, including the asymmetrical analog sticks, are included. It will also come with all the force feedback vibrations, including the impulse triggers (which adds rumble to the LT and RT buttons).


Unlike most third-party controllers, Hori’s gamepad is solidly built as its shell is made of quality polycarbonate. So it won’t feel cheap or break easily. It also comes with a slightly different handle, which may be a slight advantage if you prefer holding the DualShock 4 over the Xbox One wireless controller.

The biggest advantage, in our opinion, is the price tag. The third-party controller is much cheaper when compared to what you have to pay for with the official first-party pad. This is especially true when you considered that you do not have to buy AA batteries or a charge kit as Hori’s product is powered through a wired connection. You can compare the prices for the two on Amazon with these links: Horipad Xbox One Controller and Xbox One Wireless Controller.


The Horipad also has some disadvantages. While you can save money without buying any batteries or a charge kit due to a wired connection, you won’t be able to use it wirelessly. The official Xbox One wireless controller has a 30ft range, much longer than the cord of the third-party alternative.

It also does not come with a port to plug your headset into. So you won’t be able to chat with friends when playing online. Last but not least is the lack of pressure sensitive analog inputs in the triggers, which may be a problem if you are playing racing games that have the gas and brake pedals mapped to how hard you press down on the LT and RT buttons.

Final Verdict

Due to the missing port for a headset and the lack of analog input for triggers, the Horipad Xbox One Controller is not be a good alternative, in our opinion, to completely replace the Xbox One Wireless Controller.

With that said, if you are simply looking for another controller to play local multiplayer, the Horipad is a great option as it is much cheaper than the official gamepad and comes with a majority of the same features. You can buy Hori’s third-party Xbox One controller with this page.