Gaming headsets: HyperX Cloud II vs. HyperX CloudX Pro features comparison

One of the more popular gaming headsets is the HyperX Cloud II. The same company behind that product, Kingston,  released a new version called the HyperX CloudX Pro. So, which of these two headsets should you buy? If you are having a hard time deciding, you can check out our HyperX Cloud II vs. HyperX CloudX Pro features comparisons below.


You can find the current price tags for both Kingston gaming headsets on Amazon with the links below:

Color Variations

The HyperX Cloud II has several different color variations, including the following: Black/Gun Metal, Black/Red and White/Pink. You can check out what each of them looks like with the images located just below this paragraph.

The HyperX CloudX Pro has only one color variant so far, which is Black/Gun Metal. You can take a look of the product with the photo placed directly underneath this paragraph.


The HyperX Cloud II is mainly a PC headset as it is the only platform that will take advantage of the 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound support. With that said, it can also be used as a stereo headset for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and other devices that support 3.5mm connection.

There is a small caveat in regards to the Xbox One support, however. As we mentioned above, the HyperX Cloud II requires a 3.5mm connection. The first version of the Xbox One Controller does not have a 3.5mm port. As a result, you needed to buy a headset adapter. Microsoft eventually remedied this problem by adding a direct 3.5mm port with the new gamepads. So, depending on what version you Xbox One Controller is, you may need an additional adapter (which you can check out with this page on Amazon).

The HyperX CloudX Pro Gaming Headset is made specifically for the Xbox One as it has been officially licensed by Microsoft. It will also officially support Windows PC. As it uses a 3.5mm connection, the CloudX Pro is also compatible with the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and other devices that have the standard audio port.

Frame Type

Both the HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset and HyperX CloudX Pro Gaming Headset use aluminum frames.

Audio Type

As we mentioned above, the Cloud II supports 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound and Stereo on PC. With every other devices (including the PS4, Xbox One and Switch), the product can be used as a stereo headset.

The CloudX Pro Gaming Headset is only capable of producing stereo output on all devices.


Both headsets provide 53mm drivers, which are Hi-Fi capable.

Frequency Response

The frequency response between the two are also the same as both the Cloud II and CloudX Pro use 15-25,000 Hz.

Microphone Type

Both gaming headsets have the same microphone. In addition to featuring noise cancellation features, the mics can also be detached when you aren’t using it to voice chat online.

Audio Controls

The HyperX Cloud II Headset uses an advanced USB audio control box that comes with digital signal processing (or DSP for short). This will help amplify both the audio and voice chat. Of course, you can also adjust the audio and chat volumes with the box.

The HyperX CloudX Pro Headset comes with an in-line audio control so that you can easily adjust the headset volume in addition to being able to mute/unmute your microphone.

Connection Type

Both the Cloud II and CloudX Pro use a single 3.5mm audio to connect to the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and other compatible devices. The Cloud II can also be connected to the PC via the aforementioned advanced USB audio control box to enable 7.1 VSS support.

Extension Cable

The HyperX Cloud II comes with an USB extension cable for the aforementioned audio control box while the HyperX CloudX Pro uses a dual 3.5mm cable for extension.

Airplane Adapter

An airplane adapter is included in Cloud II but not the CloudX Pro.


Both products use memory foam headbands with padded leatherette. These are designed to keep you comfortable even after many continuous hours of play.

Ear Cushions

Kingston also included two interchangeable ear cushions for both of their products. One of which is a pair of velour cushions, which will provide comfort and open sound. The other is a pair of leatherette cushions, which is used to block out external noises.

Storage and Transportation

A mesh bag is included with the HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset while a hard shell case in included with the HyperX CloudX Pro Gaming Headset.


The HyperX Cloud II offers more features when compared to the HyperX CloudX Pro as it has extra audio options (especially if you are planning to use it for PC, which will enable support for 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound) in addition to featuring an advanced USB audio control box. If you are interested, you can purchase the HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset with this link on Amazon.

With that said, the HyperX CloudX Pro Gaming Headset pretty much has the same features as the Cloud II, especially if you aren’t planning to use it for PC. Not to mention that, if you have the original Xbox One Controller with no 3.5mm port, you are better off getting the CloudX Pro as it does not need an adapter. Last but not least, the Xbox-specific headset also comes with a hard shell case, which should keep it more secure than the Cloud II when it comes to storage and transportation. If you are interested, you can buy the HyperX CloudX Pro with this page.