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What editions of Mafia 3 are worth buying?

Mafia 3 is the latest installment of the Mafia series. The sequel is being developed by a new development studio in Hangar 13 and is more akin to Grand Theft Auto in terms of gameplay when compared to the previous entries in the series. With that said, the upcoming title looks like it will retain the same gritty storytelling from the prequels. If you are planning to purchase the third mainline Mafia game, you have several options. Below, you can find our buying guide for the best editions of Mafia 3 to buy.


The Standard Edition of Mafia III is the cheapest option to play the open-world action-adventure title. The Deluxe Edition costs a little bit more while the Collector’s Edition is the most expensive SKU. You can check out the prices for all three with the following links: Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition and Collector’s Edition.

Season Pass

Before we go in depth with what is included in each edition of the game, let’s take a look at the season pass. The development team at Hangar 13 is planning to release three major expansions of the first year after the game is released.

The first pack is called “Faster, Baby!” as Lincoln, the main character, will be teaming up with Roxy Laveau to fight against a Sheriff who has been harassing Civil Rights activists. To do so, he will have to partake in dramatic chases as well as perform stunts.

The second expansion is titled “Sign of the Times” as Lincoln answers the calls of Father James, who wants the protagonist to hunt down the cult responsible of the ritualistic killings happening in the inner city of New Bordeaux.

The last DLC is called “Stones Unturned.” In this expansion, Lincoln works together with John Donovan, a CIA Agent, in order to stomp out a rival that he encountered during the Vietnam War.

Furthermore, the Mafia 3 season pass also comes with exclusive vehicles, weapons and other exclusive contents. By itself, this DLC bundle is quite pricey. You can check out its current price tag with this link. Luckily the pass is included in some of the editions.mafia-3-season-pass

Family Kick-Back DLC

Another element that you should take into account is the Family Kick-Back DLC. This expansion comes with three lieutenant-themed weapons and vehicles. To get this pack at no additional costs, you have to preorder the game in advance.Family Kick-Back DLC pack for Mafia 3

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition comes with just the base software product along with the aforementioned Family Kick-Back DLC. With that said, the main game should provide more than enough content as the open-world setting of New Bordeaux has plenty to do in terms of the main story as well as side activities.mafia-3If you are interested, you can purchase the Mafia 3 Standard Edition here.

Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition comes with the base game, Family Kick-Back DLC in addition to the above-mentioned season pass. In fact, you will be able to save a little bit of cash by buying this bundle as opposes to the both items separately.mafia-iii-deluxe-editionBuy the Mafia III Deluxe Edition via this link.

Collector’s Edition

Hardcore fans of the Mafia series might want to check out the Collector’s Edition as well. This version comes with everything from the Deluxe Edition along with some great physical bonuses. One of which is The Art of Mafia III Collectible Art Book, which will be published by Insight Edition. Another notable standouts are two 180 gram audiophile pressings, one for Mafia III: Original Game Score while the other is for Mafia III: Official Soundtrack of New Bordeaux.

The other bonuses include exclusive collectible art prints, faux leather establishment drink coasters and Lincoln Clay replica dog tags. You can check out what the Collector’s Edition for the open-world action-adventure game looks like with the image below this paragraph.mafia-iii-collectors-editionIf you are interested, you can purchase the Mafia 3 Collector’s Edition by using this page.


The Standard Edition is the cheapest option available if you just want to play the base game. If you want the season pass, you should get the Deluxe Edition instead as it comes with both the game and pass at a discount when compared to purchasing the two separately. While the Mafia III Collector’s Edition is easily the most expensive option, it comes with the most contents (including the official art book and soundtracks) as well.

Mafia 3 is coming out on 7th of October in the North American region for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.