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Best Nintendo 3DS hand grips to buy for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and other games

If you own the original Nintendo 3DS model, your hand may cramp up at times due to the less than stellar ergonomic design. This is especially troublesome if your are playing an intensive game like Super Smash Bros. for 3DS that requires a lot of precision and fast movement. Fortunately, there are a few cheap solutions to these hand cramps. Take a look at the best 3DS hand grips, in our opinion, for the original 3DS model below.

Our Best Recommendation – CTA Digital’s Nintendo 3DS Hand Grip

The controllers for gaming consoles are designed for extended playtime. With CTA Digital’s Nintendo 3DS Hand Grip, the design has now been replicated for the handheld. Instead of gripping at the flat rectangular underside of the portable, the curvy bumps give off a more natural positioning, which should decrease the likelihood of cramps.

CTA Digital’s Nintendo 3DS Hand Grip also has a stand with up to three angles if you don’t feel like holding the system. Additionally, it also comes with a storage slot for a SD Card in case you need more room for storage on games like Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. Purchase the best grip right now on Amazon with this link.

For Those Looking for a Hand Grip and Protective Case Combo

If you are looking for a hand grip that also doubles as a protective case, then we recommend dreamGEAR’s Nintendo 3DS Comfort Grip. It is designed ergonomically for the portable so that you should feel more comfortable with the attachment than without it. The shell also provides protection against falls from short distances if you have butterfingers.

Last but not least, the cutouts around the shell gives you access to all of the ports, sliders and camera. Check out the current price of the dreamGEAR’s Nintendo 3DS Comfort Grip via this link.

If You are Looking for a Hand Grip with Minimalist Obstruction

The above-mentioned 3DS grips are good but they do make it difficult to bring the 3DS portable system outside. If you don’t think that the portable can fit into your pocket due to the added bulk of CTA Digital’s Nintendo 3DS Hand Grip and dreamGEAR’s Nintendo 3DS Comfort Grip, you may want to check out Hori’s Nintendo 3DS Grip Stand.

The officially-licensed product has grips that could be slid in and out; so you can save some space if you are not playing the 3DS. It also comes with a stand that can be adjusted in two different heights. Check out the price of the alternative right now with this page.