Gris Double Vinyl Soundtrack gets release date

Amazon has put up a listing for the Gris Double Vinyl Soundtrack, revealing a release date. According to the product page, the OST set will be coming out on Nov. 22, 2019, in the U.S. region. If you are interested, you can pre-order the double vinyl bundle with this link from the online retailer; furthermore, you can also check out the packaging with the image placed just below this paragraph.

The Gris Double Vinyl Soundtrack comes with 30 tracks from the videogame. You can find the full track listing below:

1. Mae
2. Gris
3. Pt. 1
4. Debris
5. Lift
6. Meridian
7. Chiasm
8. Incipit
9. Perserverance
10. Boundary
11. Windmill
12. Opaque
13. Komorebi
14. Environments
15. Tobu
16. Karasu
17. Symmetry
18. Rain
19. Komorebi
20. Pt. 2
21. Descent
22. Sparks
23. Ascension
24. Unagi
25. Firmament
26. Comparison
27. Gris
28. Pt. 2
29. In Your Hands
30. Circles

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