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Elfen Lied Manga Omnibus Volume 1 Gets Release Date

Amazon has put up a listing for the first volume of the Elfen Lied Manga Omnibus, revealing a release date. According to the product page, the bundle will be coming out on June 4, 2019, in the U.S. region. If you are interested, you can pre-order Elfen Lied Manga Omnibus Volume 1 with this link from the online retailer; furthermore, you can also check out the front cover, as well as Amazon’s product description, below:

Lynn Okamoto’s beloved series is now available in English for the very first time, presented here in a special omnibus collecting three volumes in one!


Captured and isolated against their will, the Diclonius species are a threat waiting to break free. When a young Diclonius girl, Nyu, escapes from the research facility she was being held in, she manages finds solace in two allies, until danger finds her again, putting everyone at risk. However, her enemies soon realize they’re in over their heads as an attempt to subdue Nyu results in unspeakable tragedy.


Cited as an inspiration for Stranger Things by the show’s creators:


“I had seen an anime called Elfen Lied that is clearly inspired by Akira. And that was really influential. When I watched it I though it felt like an ultraviolent E.T. There were a lot of things in there that I really liked and that made their way into the show, particularly related to the character of Eleven.”–Matt Duffer, Co-Creator of Stranger Things


The first of four omnibuses containing all twelve of the original volumes published in Japan!