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Flashback: Best PSone Classics released in 2008

PS3The PSone Classics program was still in its infant stages back in 2008. Nevertheless, the year still provided some great retro videogames to play on the Playstation 3, Playstation Portable and Playstation Vita. Below is a list containing the top five releases PSone Classics in 2008.

5. Street Fighter Alpha

Publisher: Capcom, Developer: Capcom, Release Date: August 14, ESRB Rating: T

Street Fighter Alpha was the first real game in the franchise after the legendary Street Fighter II. Thus, the spin-off title had a lot to live up to. Fortunately, Street Fighter Alpha managed to reinvent the series by adding several new innovative elements to the already winning gameplay formula. This PSone Classic was so successful that it spawned several sequels on its own.

4. R-Types

Publisher: Ascii Entertainment, Developer: Racdym, Release Date: April 24, ESRB Rating: E

The R-Type franchise is home to some of the most recognizable side-scrolling shooting games in history. You can experience the first two games, R-Type and R-Type II, in this one conveniently named collection. In addition to slightly enhance visuals (with no slowdown to boot), the compilation also contain extra contents for fans. If you are looking for an old school challenge, R-Types is the perfect PSone Classic for you.

3. Jet Moto 3

Publisher: 989 Studios, Developer: Pacific Coast Power & Light, Release Date: February 21, ESRB Rating: E

Jet Moto was one of the few franchises that stayed on the original Playstation and did not move onto the next-generation of videogame systems. Therefore, a lot of new gamers missed out on the super-intense futuristic racing games that uses hover bikes. Jet Moto 3 is the last and also the best game in the franchise with its improved graphics and gameplay tweaks. Thanks to the Playstation Network, you can track down this PSone Classic easily.

2. Rayman

Publisher: Ubisoft, Developer: Ubisoft, Release Date: July 17, ESRB Rating: E

Before the villainous Rabbids got their own line of video games, the spotlight belonged to Rayman. The original game is the only 2D platformer in the franchise and laid the groundwork to some of the best platforming games in history. If you are looking of an old school platformer on the Playstation 3, you should download this PSone Classic from the Playstation Network Store.

1. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment, Developer: Naughty Dog, Release Date: February 7, ESRB Rating: E

Prior to being sold off to another company, Crash Bandicoot was the mascot of Sony and the Playstation brand. It is hard not to see why: the character is charismatic and his games are tremendously fun. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped is zenith of the series before it was sold off and eventually delved into mediocrity. The game simply has everything you want from a platforming game: crazy vehicles, intense gameplay and an engrossing world to explore. Therefore, Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped is the best PSone Classic released in 2008.