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Fastest way to hunt goose/geese in Horizon Zero Dawn

The goose is one of the most elusive animals to hunt down in Horizon Zero Dawn. If you having trouble finding the animal in the massive open-world game, you can check out our strategy guide below to find the fastest way to hunt these birds.

About Geese in Horizon Zero Dawn

A lot of animals in Horizon will often appear right in front of Aloy as she runs around in the field. This isn’t the case with geese. Not to mention that the birds will quickly fly away if you get too close. So, even before you can even notice, your prey will often get away. Thus, unless you are specifically looking for a goose, it is very likely that you rarely get to hunt one down during your play through.

Best place to find a goose

The best place to find a goose is in the beginning Nora area of the game. There is a campfire southeast of Rost’s home and north of a Strider site. Fast travel to it and then follow the northwest road. At the intersection, turn right and head all the way up the mountain (you have to do some climbing in the process).Eventually, you will arrive in a place where you can use a rope to slide down to another area, which is where a pack of geese is located. Do not slide down as it will startle your preys, which results in them quickly flying away. Instead, stay in the same perch area so that you can safely snipe the birds with your bow or other weapon type.

Hunting geese

We highly recommend using your focus, via the R3 button (by pushing down on the right analog stick), if you haven’t done so already. Doing so will highlight all the geese and lets you tag one, making it easier to hit one from afar.For weapons, we suggest using a bow as the explosions from slings will startle the geese while the rattlers do not have good range. If you have one, we recommend equipping the Shadow Sharpshot Bow as it comes with Harvest Arrow, which should help with the drop rates of Goose Bones and Goose Skins.

After killing the geese, you can then slide down and collect your loot. If you didn’t get what you need, you can simply fast travel to the same campfire we mentioned above, which causes the geese to respawn in the same area, and then repeat the process.