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Calibrating the Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel for Project Cars on PS4

Thrustmaster VG T150 Force Feedback PS4 Racing Wheel 3If you haven’t heard already, Slightly Mad Studios recently released the version 6.0 patch for Project Cars. The title update added support for the new T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel.

Thrustmaster recommend calibrating the wheel to 900 degrees as it matches the same rotation angle of the in-game wheel while in the cockpit view. To do so, you have to go to the Options/Controls menu and then press the square button on the T150. Doing so will bring up calibration settings. Follow the on screen instructions and then press the X button on the wheel to save your calibration settings.

Project Cars came out for the PS4, as well as the Xbox One and PC platforms, earlier this year on the 12th of May. With Gran Turismo Sport not coming out until 2016, Project Cars is the only solid racing simulator on Sony’s current-gen console.

The Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel was released in September. The set comes with a wheel that can be rotated at up to 1080 degrees. It also has built in buttons supports for the directional pad, face buttons, menu buttons and shoulder buttons. Also included is an adjustable two-pedal set. If you are interested and haven’t done so already, you can purchase the T150 with this link.